Project Portfolio

Here is a sampling of some of the many projects I have completed, organized by the type of deliverable. Others that might more closely match your needs are available upon request. Note that those in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint formats are the actual customer deliverable (before final publishing).

White Papers

Minimizing the Security Risks Created by Medical Devices [PDF] written for Great Bay Software

Carrier-Grade Network Address Translation [PDF] written for Citrix

Scaling Database Applications in the Cloud for Peak Price/Performance [PDF] written for HOSTING

High Availability for SQL Server in VMware Environments [PDF] written for SIOS Technology

Protecting Exchange: Best Practices and Practical Tips [PDF] written for Dell

The Evolution of Solid State Storage in Enterprise Servers [PDF] written for LSI

Real-Time Storage Tiering for Real-World Workloads [PDF] and Achieving Five-9’s Availability [PDF] written for Dot Hill Systems 

Guessing Is Not a Strategy: The Science of Capacity Management [PDF] written for Quest Software

Security Best Practices for Cloud Contact Centers [PDF] written for Alpine Access

The Cloud Threat [PDF] written for

The OpenADR Primer [PDF] written for the OpenADR Alliance

Seamless Unified Communications for the Everywhere Enterprise [PDF] white paper for ShoreTel

Unified Mobility Services in the New Campus Network [PDF] white paper for Juniper Networks

Detecting Available VM Slots for Capacity Planning [PDF] white paper for VKernel

Biting the Bullet: A Practical Guide for Beginning the Migration to IPv6 [PDF] white paper for Fortinet

Data Protection for Remote Offices [PDF], a white paper for SEPATON

Stimulus Funding for Broadband Access: A Best Practices Guide for Receiving NTIA and RUS Funds [PDF], a "thought leadership" white paper for Aperto Networks

SAML 101 [PDF] white paper for Ping Identity

5 Steps to Secure Internet SSO [PDF] white paper for Ping Identity

Are You Ready for the All-Wireless Enterprise? [PDF], a white paper for Meru Networks

Woven Systems vSCALE Technology [PDF], a product-specific white paper on datacenter fabrics 

Enabling Seamless and Secure Mobility for the Enterprise [DOC] white paper for Birdstep Technology

The SkyPilot SyncMesh Architecture [PDF], a short technical white paper highlighting architectural advantages

Combining Ubiquity with Security for 2-Way Mobile Banking and Payments [PDF] white paper for ClairMail

Eliminating the Metro Service Gap with Virtualized Optical Networks [DOC] white paper for Matisse Networks

Voice Quality Beyond IP QoS [PDF], a white paper for Ditech Networks

Cost Effective Transcoding for Carriers [PDF], another white paper for Ditech Networks

Visto MobileEnabling Mobile Email Enterprise-wide [PDF], a features/advantages/benefits white paper for Visto

Scaling Network Processors to 40 Gbps and Beyond [DOC], a product-oriented white paper to accompany Bay Microsystems' introduction of the Chesapeake processor 

Empowering the Mobile Enterprise [Microsoft Word] and Nokia One Business Server [Microsoft Word], a companion set of white papers written for Nokia targeting business executives and IT professionals, respectively

Maximizing Profits in Public Access Networks [PDF], a white paper written for Nomadix

Beyond Best Effort Routing [Microsoft Word] white paper describing the Procket Networks software architecture

Intrusion Protection: The Latest Weapon in the Network Security Arsenal [PDF], a white paper written for Internet Security Systems

Internet Broadcasting [PDF], a white paper written for Inktomi Corporation that outlines the profit potential for service providers and describes the company's streaming media solution

The Business Case for Wireless Broadband Access [PDF], a white paper written for Proxim

Total Security for Network Hosted Services [Microsoft Word], a detailed white paper written for Lucent Technologies

Digital Subscriber Lines and Managed Network-based Services: A Perfect—and Profitable—Marriage [PDF], a white paper for CoSine Communications

Voyager: Line-rate RMON2 for Fast Ethernet [Microsoft Word], a white paper for Shomiti Systems for the announcement of its Voyager product

The Profitable Approach to Value-added IP Services [PDF], a white paper for EmergeCore Networks

VPNs for the Health Care Industry [Microsoft Word], a white paper for V-ONE Corporation

LAN Switching: A Strategic Decision [Microsoft Word], a white paper for Alantec

Contributed Articles

The New Stack article titled Why Microservices Running in Containers Need a Streaming Platform [PDF] ghost-written for MapR

VMblog article titled High Availability vSphere for SQL Server: 5 Things You Need to Know [PDF] ghost-written for SIOS Technology

Data Center Journal article titled Scaling Network Traffic Visibility to 100 Gbps [PDF] ghost-written for VSS Monitoring 

EDN Network article titled Understanding SSD Over-provisioning [PDF] ghost-written for LSI

Computer Technology Review article titled Accelerating SAN Storage with Server Flash Caching [PDF] ghost-written for LSI

Network World Network article titled Why next-generation infrastructures need smarter silicon [PDF] ghost-written for LSI

Integration Developer News article titled Making Hadoop Enterprise-Grade [PDF] ghost-written for MapR Technologies  

TDWI article titled Hadoop and Big Data: The Year Past, The Year Ahead [PDF] ghost-written for MapR Technologies  

HPC Wire article titled Ethernet's Role in Greening the Datacenter [PDF] ghost-written for Woven Systems

Converge! Network Digest article titled Combating the Evolution of Insider Attacks with Persistent LAN Security [PDF] ghost-written for Nevis Networks

Swimming Upstream: The Case for Higher Speeds [PDF], a contributed article about VDSL ghost-written for Ikanos

An article titled Voice Over IP Over Glass: Long Overdue [Microsoft Word] ghost-written for Vpacket Communications

An article titled Gap Appliances Enhance Security [Microsoft Word] ghost-written for SpearHead Security Technologies

Multimedia Networking [Microsoft Word], an article ghost-written for 3Com Corporation

Leveraging Mainframe Management in Multivendor Networks [Microsoft Word], an article ghost-written for Cisco Systems

Case Studies

airbnb [PDF] written for Datadog

Thermo Fisher Scientific [PDF] for VKernel

Liz Claiborne Case Study [PDF] and Burt Hill Case Study [PDF] for Packeteer

MetroBridge Case Study [PDF] and San Mateo County Sheriff's Office Case Study [PDF] for Exalt Communications

Seaport Hotel Case Study [PDF] for BlueNote Networks

Cable & Wireless Chooses Nokia for Managed Firewall and VPN Services [PDF], a customer case study

Application Notes

Automatic Meter Reading [PDF] application note for SkyPilot Networks

Improving Business Processes with IP Telephony-Enabled Applications [PDF], an applications note for BlueNote Networks

Value-added IP Services for Ethernet MANs [PDF], an applications note for CoSine Communications

Market Primers

How GPUs Are Defining the Future of Data Analytics: What Every Technology Executive Should Know [PDF], an eBook for Kinetica

4.9 GHz Public Safety Market Overview [PDF], a channel primer for SkyPilot Networks

An Introduction to Wireless Mesh Networking [PDF] and Designing a Firetide Instant Wireless Mesh Network [PDF], a pair of marketing primers for Firetide

End-User Performance Management: A Competitive Edge for ASPs [PDF], a targeted technical piece for Coradiant

Brochures & Backgrounders

Nokia and Check Point [PDF] "The Power of 2" partnership brochure

Ipsilon Networks Corporate Backgrounder [Microsoft Word]

VPNet Technologies Q&A [Microsoft Word] for inclusion in press kits

Website Content

Product overview [Microsoft Word] for Hatteras Networks


A presentation Introducing the International Softswitch Consortium [Microsoft PowerPoint]


The ISCnews [PDF], a quarterly newsletter for the International Softswitch Consortium

Sales Tools

VPN Cost Savings Analysis for the Enterprise [PDF], a resource guide for Ascend Communications describing both the quantitative and qualitative benefits of a virtual private network. The companion "VPN Cost Calculator" on page 25 was created separately as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (with detailed instructions).

Company Confidential

In addition to the above "public" documents, much of my work also involves projects of a proprietary nature that cannot be posted as samples here.  These include:
    •  Market Research
    •  Competitive Analyses
    •  Proposal Boilerplate
    •  Sales/Channel Training Guides
    •  Business Development Initiatives
    •  Product Requirement Documents


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